The 5 things Every Colorado Memorial Day BBQ Needs

It’s that time of year again. The weather is heating up and summer is in the air. Here is a quick rundown on how to do a “Colorado Style” Memorial day BBQ. This is our list on how to make your BBQ uniquely Colorado.

5. Family Football

This isn’t exactly exclusive to Colorado. Backyard football games are a staple of Memorial Day. But there is no other state that is home to the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS! As a tribute to the recently retired legend, whoever is playing “all-time QB” in your backyard game has to wear the Peyton Manning Jersey.

4. Craft Beer

Coors might be a Colorado based company but let’s face it, this is a craft beer state now. Support your local breweries. Grab a pony keg or a few varied six packs. We love our local Loveland Breweries and don’t think you can go wrong with any one of them.

3. A Weird Uncle

Everybody has one. Memorial Day is one of those times you can’t avoid him. If we are honest, Memorial Day for many is an excuse to drink and you probably won’t be able to keep the uncle who drinks too much away. Expect a few inappropriate comments as the blood alcohol content rises. Just make sure there is a spot on the couch for him to pass out and don’t let him drive home until he is sober. And just in case you are the weird uncle but you just haven’t noticed it yet… try to keep it under control this year.

2. World Class BBQ

It’s the unofficial start of summer but, it’s the official start of BBQ season. Those who take their grilling game seriously have already been practicing their craft for months in anticipation of this day. The old standby options are Burgers, hot dogs, and Brats. If this is your choice, make sure you have some beer brats made with beer from a local Colorado brewery.

For those who don’t consider it real BBQing unless the smoker is fired up, ribs are the only way to go. After a solid day of beers and backyard football, nothing satisfies the appetite like a slab of smokey ribs slathered in your favorite BBQ sauce.

There are also those of us with a more evolved pallet and for us, nothing but a fine steak will do. In this case, if you want to impress your guests, don’t settle for something from the grocery store. When you throw down with steaks, it means you are trying to make a statement. Head over to your local butcher shop and grab something locally and humanly raised. Your taste buds and your buddies with thank you for it. Grab a few New York Strip or Ribeyes and make this Memorial Day a memorable one.

1. Old Glory

Don’t forget the point of Memorial Day. This day is for us to remember those who have fallen in service of this country. Let that flag fly proudly.

Better yet, invite a veteran to your BBQ and serve him or her your best steak.